AVANT Research & Analytics: The 6-12 Report

Each “6-12 Report” is developed by AVANT Research & Analytics with the assistance of technical teams within AVANT. These market research reports are backed by a wealth of data secured by AVANT in our normal course of business, our own primary research of end-customers, and other reputable industry sources.

Our reports focus on today’s most disruptive technologies, those where the pace of change is rapid. Companies or technologies which – only a few years ago – may have been unknown, are now highly viable solutions that resolve the business needs that led to their creation. They have disrupted the IT landscape, a market already well known for its accelerating pace of change and innovation.

Every AVANT 6-12 Report gives enterprise technology leaders a contemporary and relevant overview of the featured subject suitable to making a purchase/non-purchase decision over the next six to 12 months. We select each topic based on the potential competitive advantages companies can realize if they adopt a given solution, depending on their particular industry, market space, or company size. All currency values in this report are expressed in U.S. dollars.

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